Visit Figueres and S.Dali Museum 6h


Know Figueres, the birthplace of Salvador Dalí, to visit the Dali Museum, the House Museum, and also take a stroll through the old town where he grew up, to know a little part in it he moved the great genius.

The Dali Museum contains the widest range of works spanning the artistic career of Dalí. It was designed by the artist in order to immerse the visitor in his captivating and unique world.

We ended the tour back to Figueres and Barcelona.
Official Guide: In all tours offer the possibility of hiring an accredited official guide who will accompany you during your visit. This service is offered in any language you need. The guide price of each service vary, depending on the hours and the requested language.

PRICE PER PERSON: 150 € (Minimum 2 pax)

CONDITIONS: This price includes transportation to Figueres and the Dali Museum and Tour Barcelona. Excludes tickets and meals)

Price calculated on Mercedes E (Other transportation request information)