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. If you have need for a special service as it could be a provision of vehicle and driver for a wedding arrangement of one or more vehicles for company, provisions for trade fairs and conferences, travel or trips outside Catalonia, etc. you need to ask in detail the type of service, the vehicle or vehicles shall specify the hours that will be available and the approximate distance to travel. Along with your data, especially your email so we must get by do sending to   GENERAL CONTACT FORM  this web Site.

If you need is a firm booking one of our tours or services, can too by clicking the button below Book ON LINE filling in all the data, including name tur or service and applying the price of the tur or service. You can do the same using the secure payment gateway Paypal.


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                               VEHICLE TYPE                              PAX        TRANSFER 1h.1/2 Y 25 Km.                 FULL DAY 12h Y 300 Km.                  HOUR EXTRA               Km EXTRA

                               Mercedes "E" Class                         3/4                            96 €                                                        696 €                                              58 €                            1.38 € 

                               Mercedes "S" Class                         3/4                           158 €                                                       900 €                                              75 €                            1.76 €

                               MiniVan Luxe                                    6/7                           152 €                                                       840 €                                               70 €                            1.49 €

                               Mini Bus Luxe                                   14                            200 €                                                     1020 €                                               85 €                            1.60 €

                               Mini Bus Luxe                                   24                            230 €                                                     1152 €                                               96 €                            1.71 €

                 AIRPORT ARRIVAL ASSISTANCE                                             130 €

General conditions applicable to this budget and mandatory acceptance acceptance thereof:

Diets driver: € 27.00 (14.00 to 16:00 h meal / dinner 21.00 to 23.00)
Diet complete driver: 150 € (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner)
Nightly service charge: 20% (from 20:00 to 19:00 hours)
Tolls, parking and other expenses not included in the price.
VAT 10% not included

Special conditions for this budget during the Mobile World Congress, and mandatory acceptance with the acceptance of the same:
PAYMENT: 50% payment upon confirmation of the service, and payment of the remaining fifteen days of the completion of the service 50% should be performed. If the service confirmation is made with an advance of 15 days to the embodiment thereof, the payment will be 100%.
Minimum service Four days 12 hours available
For any type of vehicle the minimum service is four days
CANCELLATION POLICY: For services between 20 and 26 February:
For cancellations 5 days before the service, the entire service is paid (this includes cancellations made from 17 February, the day included)
This cancellation policy also applies to changes made. If flight cancellations occur during the event, the service will be charged at 100%.
services that are available beginning at the airport are included in this cancellation policy: services carried out not be charged due to flight cancellations (due to the weather, last-minute changes passenger, etc.)

CHANGES: During the Mobile World Congress event, if the passenger wants to see a new type of vehicle, the amount of the originally booked vehicle and the new vehicle will be charged, either. This change is subject to availability of type of vehicle.

If you request a schedule change after I booked the service, and this is delayed, the entire service is initially loaded from the reserved time.

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